We are Tarisse and Sarrita King, proud Gurindji and Waanyi Women. Contemporary Aboriginal artists for over 18 years, handed down our stories, techniques and passion for storytelling from our aritist father, the late William Jungala King.

    Tarisse King

    Kapaku - Sister

    Hey! I am Tarisse and I live on Kahungunu whenua in Aotearoa (New Zealand). I am a mum of 5 jarjum who inspire me to keep our culture alive. Telling stories through my artwork is how I share knowledge and history. Passed down from our father, I entrust these stories to the next generation. I feel so lucky to have grown up in the stunning landscapes of the Northern Territory, which influences my art and continues to spark my imagination today.

    To see and learn more about my fine art head to my website.

    Sarrita King

    Karlaj - Younger Sister

    Hello. I am Sarrita, I live on beautful Larrakia Country in Darwin. My artworks are inspired by the beauty of this rich and diverse landscape. Storytelling and connection are what drives me, with King King I am to bring, colour, culture and beauty into your everyday. I am looking forward to collaborating with my sister on this exciting venture.

    To learn more about my fine art check out my website.