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William King Jungala

Leather Bookmark | Earth Cycles

Leather Bookmark | Earth Cycles

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Code: WKBM23001

Artist: William King Jungala

Title: Earth Cycles

Medium: Leather | Brown - Laser Etched

Size: 40x200mm

Year: 2023


Earth cycles is inspired by arguable the most significant iconic shape in all cultures, that i the circle; with nature’s greatest circle being the sun, “life giver to all”. William says, ‘The sun sings its own song, dances through the sky. Endless in its celebration, it warms me to the soul and reminds me of my ancient connection to it and all things around me’. William believes he is privileged to be able to wake up everyday at sunrise; a brand new day and see the glory of the sun, the closest representation of God in all things on earth.

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