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Sarrita King

Rug | Woven | 'Campsites'

Rug | Woven | 'Campsites'

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Code: ASGR-SK2-22001

Artist: Sarrita King

 Title: Waterhole Rug

Medium: Woven - 80% New Zealand Wool

Size Options: 3x2m, 2x1.5m, 1.5x1m

Year: 2022

*** If sold out the pre-order dispatch time is 4-6 weeks ***

*** Rugs can not be delivered to Po Box addresses ***

I am very excited to announce the pre launch of a great collaboration with Artistic Flooring. After many years of offers to partner with companies that make rugs & flooring I believe this range from Artistic Flooring is the best the industry has to offer.

From the quality of the manufacturing, the range of designs & the range of sizes  these rugs represent my art and stories beautifully.

S2 - 80% New Zealand Wool | Woven

Using the New Zealand wool these rugs are high quality and have a great feel under foot. The woven technique means my artwork can be translated with accuracy whilst maintaining the integrity of the high quality finish.


Australian Indigenous culture is well known for its nomadic lifestyle. Sarrita often reflects on the fact that her ancestors would constantly move from one campsite to another to find a better food & water source and for better shelter to suit the seasonal conditions.

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