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Sarrita King | Three Kings Budgy Smuggler | Women's Freshwater Top

Sarrita King | Three Kings Budgy Smuggler | Women's Freshwater Top

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Artist: Sarrita King

Title: Three Kings Budgy Smuggler | Women's Freshwater Top

Medium: 100% Cotton

Year: 2021

Artwork Story: "The design is a collaboration of my family's artworks – (My sister, Tarisse King – My country – LAND), (Myself, Sarrita King – Language of the Earth – SUN) and (My fathers, William King Jungala’s artwork – Celebration of life – SKY).  Bringing together these three designs to form the Aboriginal Flag is a perfect fit for the artworks, each representing the beauty of our land, and also the depth of our connection to country. The coming together of the three just feels right, my sisters work 'My Country’ in red heralding the appreciation for the country that has provided for generations. The golden sun proud and central represented by my ‘Language of the Earth’ pays homage to the family connections we make, that continuation of bloodlines and community ever-evolving and growing. And finally, Dad's work ‘Celebrations of Life’ as the sky, reflects on the beauty of our heritage, our constant evolution as a people, and our resolve to share the beauty of our culture with the world. All three paintings are true representations of our love and passion for storytelling, bringing them together in the flag is like a puzzle falling into place." -

Sarrita King

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