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Sarrita King

TKSK Pendant | Our Country's Story

TKSK Pendant | Our Country's Story

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Code: ASGJ-TKSK-22001

Artist: Tarisse and Sarrita King

Title: Our Country's Story

Medium: Stainless steel

Size: 77x33mm

Year: 2022


This style is a collaborative combining Tarisse’s My Country style and Sarrita’s Language of the Earth style. The painting shows the tearing away of the land, specifically areas around Katherine to reveal the Earth’s story. The history of the land where we come from connects us to our family, our culture and all living things. Sarrita seeks to express her impression of the land and some of its stories. The symbols within the painting are patterns for the viewer to connect with but the layout of the painting has its own story.

*Black cord included 

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